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This kitchen is carefully designed by our founder, Joyce Leang, who believes that play is essential and that the kitchen is a critical place to practice life skills for kids.


As a mother of 2 with no basic cooking skills, she dedicated a lot of her time in the kitchen to find out what is best for kid’s cooking.

Even 2 years old can cook! My little one asked me if she can make her own omelet when she’s hungry! My 5 years old daughter has a bit more variety; she loves to try out different ingredients and make her own recipe. From those valuable experiences, she believes that cooking is an art of taste.


Kids, in general, are curious to try new things. Cooking is an avenue for them to explore, try out new ingredients, a variety of tools, and test results of different combinations. Through the programme, they craft their own edible art piece.


With the right supportive environment, they will keep exploring and finally make their own dish they are proud of.


We are here to provide a safe, smooth and nice opportunity for the kids to experiment.


Not to worry, take it step by step and I’m sure you will embrace the result your little one gains from their little cooking world.

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